The project

From Turin to the world, to make it a better place

Clean the Planet.

The name of our project is crystal clear and defines its ambitious goals: to clean the Earth by making it more beautiful and healthy, to reduce the impact of pollution and to reforest. Above all, we want to create a bond of love, empathy and compassion between man and the Earth, with its biodiversity. By cleaning our planet one small piece at a time, all together, making it a better place for us and for all those who come after us.

We do our best to preserve the planet because it is the best way to preserve our species.

We set out from Turin in 2019, with volunteers of all ages, ethnicities and social classes cleaning numerous areas of the city.

Help us make our dream of a healthy, beautiful and clean environment come true!

Everyone can take part, helping us by cleaning up waste with the biodegradable bags we leave for you in shops and bars around the city. 

How can you take part? It’s very simple

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Plant a tree

How does it work?

You donate, we collect the donations, our partners grow the trees.

Teams of volunteers plant the trees in rainy seasons, the trees are maintained and monitored with regular reports on the positive impact generated.


Every action makes a difference

Every action, even the smallest, makes a difference, and the principle is always the same: it is the sum of small things that leads to major results.

This is why we need everyone's help.

help us by making a donation!