Just one hour a week

Clean the Planet has no strict rules, the important thing is to go out with gloves and bags and get active!
You can go around alone, even if in company it is much better: we believe in the value of socializing and sharing goals for the good of our entire community.

This is why we have thought of a challenge for individuals, couples, groups of friends and even classes and entire institutes: Clean-o-Clock!
Just bring gloves and bags and dedicate an hour, every Sunday, to cleaning. What is not important: you can go around cleaning your neighborhood, the river closest to home, your favorite mountain, your favorite beach.
No matter where they are, the important thing is to commit: the more people join the challenge, the more waste will be collected!

And remember to share your Clean-o-Clock photos with the #cleanoclock hashtag!


Every action makes a difference

Every action, even the smallest, makes a difference, and the principle is always the same: it is the sum of small things that leads to major results.

This is why we need everyone's help.

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