About us

Different people sharing the same dream

Clean the Planet is a non-profit volunteer association that is acting today to make a future possible for the next generations. 

We share a dream: we know this Earth is the only one we have, and we want to work every day to make it a better place for us, and for all those who come after us.

This is how Clean the Planet was born, and we want to involve as many people as possible in it, in Piedmont, throughout Italy and worldwide.

We are proud to have in our team a psychotherapist, who teaches school children the values of eco-sustainability and the environment, a biotechnologist, an ecologist, a farmer, an accountant, a veterinarian, an anthropologist, and a humanities graduate.


Every action makes a difference

Every action, even the smallest, makes a difference, and the principle is always the same: it is the sum of small things that leads to major results.

This is why we need everyone's help.

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