Just one hour a week

Clean the Planet doesn’t have any strict rules – just get out there with your gloves and bags and get active!

You can go out alone, but in company it’s much better: we believe in the value of sociality and of sharing goals for the good of our whole community.

That’s why we have come up with a challenge for couples, groups of friends and even classes and entire schools: Clean-o-Clock!


You meet at some point in the city at a fixed time and split up into teams. A time is agreed upon: half an hour, an hour, ninety minutes… it depends on how long everyone has available but what counts is always the action itself. Once the clock has started, you split up into teams and, armed with gloves and biodegradable bags, clean up the neighbourhood.

When time runs out, the teams meet up again at the starting point and the bags collected are weighed: whoever records the heaviest weight wins.

But in reality everyone wins: every single participant, and the whole city!

We are organising a city-wide Clean-o-Clock.


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